Girls Night In: Sleepover

23 Apr

So girls-


How many times have you just came home from school or work and just wanted to crawl into bed with a bottle of Pinot Grigio, and rent a movie and call it a night?

WHOA- Everyone, put your hands down!

Do you remember back when you were a little girl, and your mother would call “Susie’s” mother and plan a sleepover for you two? I remember those days like it were yesterday. Those “girl” sleepovers were the best.

Pillow fights, junk food, trash talking boys, and of course, staying up late! For the first time ever, the Successful Single is here to challenge you to the following:

Get a group of your friends, a bottle of wine (or 3) and have an old school sleepover. Forget all your stress, problems, and upcoming assignments due Monday. This sleepover is dedicated totally to you!

In this sleepover, you will talk about everything positive. Go around the room, and every time you say something positive about yourself, you can take a sip of your wine! (Trust me, it’ll be an incentive to drink!).


According to Seventeen Magazine, the perfect Sleepover Snack is popcorn, however, they changed it up a bit!


You will need: 3 teaspoons of margarine, ¾ cups of brown sugar (lightly packed) ½ cup of peanuts, dark corn syrup, 1 teaspoon of vanilla, ½ teaspoon of baking soda, 1 dash of salt, and 5 cups of popcorn.


When you’re done gathering, microwave the margarine and then mix in all a bowl with all of the ingredients above. After you place it over the 5 cups of popcorn, microwave it all and then let it cool! Break it into pieces, and then enjoy!


Remember that fun game Jenga? (DUH!) On an old game of Jenga, on each piece of block, write a dare and a truth. Whichever block you girls pick, you must either perform the dare or answer the truth! Fun!


Let me know how the sleepover goes – And remember, no boyfriend talk!




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