Teak on the Hudson – Girls Night out!

24 Mar

Hoboken- the only place in northern New Jersey where it is acceptable to act like a drunken slob, and be accompanied by even more drunken slobs.


Now, if you aren’t into the whole “bar” scene also known as a chill place where you just get blacked out and flirt with strangers who will buy you a drink so you can make them look cool by the bar, there are more options for you in Hoboken. (Yet another reason why Hoboken is the best!)


Teak on the Hudson, which is located on 16-18 Hudson Place, Hoboken New Jersey 07030 – is the place for you. The greatest thing in my opinion about this place is the fact it is seriously about a 1-minute walk from the train station. This means, you can get off the train, walk 10 feet, get to your destination, and not have to leave that early to ensure you don’t miss your train.


Also, this place is a lot classier than what you’re going to find anywhere else. The décor is beautiful from their lighting to their unique decorations – it makes you feel like you are at a venue in New York City! Also, they have a cool fish tank that is lit up across the bar, which automatically gives you a classy feeling!


Teak on the Hudson always seems to have the hottest beats that make you want to dance from the minute you walk in to the minute you leave. Their music is usually “house” music and a variety of songs that are popular during the time you are there.


Another thing great about Teak is the fact not only can you go there to dance and have a great night, you can get an early start and go for lunch, dinner, and they even have a sushi bar! (Hopefully not from the LED fish tank!)


An example of an appetizer from the Teak Dinner menu is crab spinach dip that is creamed spinach topped with crabmeat served with flat bread and topped with cheddar cheese and salsa! Well, if you ask me- that sounds delicious!


Appetizers are a smart idea if you know you’ll be drinking all night so you have something in your stomach but you also aren’t full!


This is awesome that you can actually go to one destination and have dinner, and then know you can stay there for a night of fun. This was a very strategic idea of the owners of Teak!


The lounge in Teak is beautiful as well. They have a very virtual looking scene where there are big screens showing video images set to the beat of the music!


The best part in my opinion of Teak is the view! You can completely see the Hudson, hence why the name of the place is called Teak on the Hudson. You will never be disappointed here especially when you and your single friends are out here!

Whenever you go and pass Teak, there is always a live crowed outside and inside and you can hear the music from outside. It is a great environment if you are looking for more of a “classy” night with you and your girlfriends!



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