Kim Kardashian- A role model?

14 Mar


So…. Kim Kardashian, also known as many teenage girls’ idol is famous for ……….



Yeah, no one seems to know / no one wants to just type it. However, it shocks me that there are so many beautiful, inspiring women out in the world that aren’t getting recognized, however here Kim Kardashian is getting paid, recognized, and loved by beloved fans across the world.

If you really think about it, the women that are in media daily are celebs like Lindsey Lohan and Kim Kardashian, those who have no talent, and those who are getting DUI’s and lawsuits. What is this teaching to society about a woman? (Unless you’re Kris Jenner, who loves publicity whether it be positive or negative)


What makes a good role model though? In fact, what makes a good woman role model? A role model should be one who inspires others to do well and become their very best. The media seems to put out what a “woman” is, and it’s not coming out so much as a positive.

The sad part is, these teenage girls who are watching television and reading magazines are seeing these celebs bringing in money for doing what? Getting caught doing not so girly things, getting in trouble with the law, and even getting scandalous photos of them by paparazzi. These teenagers aren’t getting what a real woman role model should be.


Instead of smarts, teenage girls are aspiring to look “sexy” in their tight clothes. Instead of generous, girls are trying to play cool and “hard to get”. Instead of being in the school library studying for exams, these girls are practicing their sexy smiles in the mirror.

If you ask me, intelligence, health, brains, respect are a lot more powerful words than sexy, provocative, makeup, and mini black dress.


Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton are mainly famous for one reason, and one reason only; their sex tape, which went viral. (Whether you agree or disagree with me that truly is what launched their careers and fame).

Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s, which mind you has one of the highest ranked viewers, is what teenage girls are watching. Kim, who isn’t even married, is now pregnant with Kanye West’s baby. Positive role model if you ask me! (Sarcasm).

So, instead of turning the next era of teenage girls into “teenage mom” aspiring actresses, I think we should be more focused on making a change in society. Instead of being focused on how “hot” you look in your new dress, girls- why don’t you see how you’ll be when you’re 25 and unemployed.

We need to change our attitudes on what a decent role model is and actually understand what the word means and the values that come with.



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