“Dressing Sexy and Appropriate”

11 Mar


Ladies – How many have you ever been in the situation when you’re out with your friends and you see a girl walk into the bar wearing either: 1) the shortest skirt your eyes have ever seen 2) boots that you automatically think she is a hooker 3) a shirt low enough to see her belly button? 4) All of the above!


Dressing to “please” your friends or audience is a tricky factor because most of us do it to stand out, and most of the time it comes off as “revealing” clothes. By following a couple of my tips and guidelines, you will certainly save yourself the whispers behind your back and the embarrassment!

See, the problem that us girls have are is that we think the only way men will notice us is if we wear something scandalous, sexy, and revealing. Well, that is a red flag to most men! Why would you want to come off looking like an easy girl when you can easily dress sexy but appropriate? In this post I’m going to tell you how to dress appropriately in certain situations.

There are many ways to stand out, but in a classy way, especially if you are out with your girlfriends. The three main factors you should know before you go out are: 1) Know your environment. 2) The weather 3) the crowds that are usually there.

So, the next time you’re in your closet throwing every shirt and blazer you have on the floor because it “doesn’t look good” just refer back to this post and you’ll be set!

To work/ internship:

Although I am “team leggings”, leggings are a big red flag in the working business, unless you wear a cute long sweater to cover that behind! You don’t want to be known as the girl who is wearing “leggings as pants” which basically shows every part of your buttocks to the office.

Looking good will make the office respect you more as business woman, especially if you are the new girl in the office, plus it’ll make all the hot guys in the office look your way!  You don’t want to be called into HR and be questioned about your clothes. There is a way to look sexy, but keeping it “office” sexy.

Try wearing a sweater, skirt and a cameo that is tucked into the skirt. Blazers are a great way to cover up your arms, and it gives you that professional look. You don’t need a mini skirt to show off your legs ladies, you can wear a pair of nice long office pants that still give you the mean and lean look.


With trying on pants, if you try them on and you see the outline of your thong, they are too small. Don’t always go with the size standard of a small, medium, or large. Go with what fits your sexy body instead.


On Dates:

The most important thing about looking sexy on a date is that you don’t look like you spent 10 hours on picking out the best outfit before he picked up. Come on, we don’t want to look desperate! Make him think you wake up looking that hot. He doesn’t need to know that you spent weeks picking out the outfit your wearing, your last paycheck on a new set of highlights, and a big portion of your paycheck on those French manicured nails. If you come dressing like you borrowed a dress from Rihanna, he’s going to think you are trying way too hard.

If you like all different types of clothing you should check out this website, where they have all different styles and also accessories, shoes, and a great “sales” tab.

http://www.nastygal.com à This website is easy to find clothes, and so far every time I’ve bought something from it, I’ve not only loved it, but I try to wear it as much as possible. Check it out! It will come in handy if you are looking for work clothes, or out on the town clothes.


Out for a night of fun:

When you are out with your friends, you never know what will happen. I know when I’m out with my friends that are usually the case. Always remember, you never you know you’ll end up standing the entire night, or dancing the entire night. These tips will make you feel hot, and look hot (and maybe even hotter than your friends!) You don’t want to be looked at as the slutty friend, not now, not ever.

Remember:  If your shirt is see-through, make sure you wear a bandeau underneath, or a tank top. See-through shirts seem to come off slutty, whether that is your incentive or not.  A white shirt and black bra comes off slutty as well. Try wearing a pear of nice fitted jeans, with a tucked in leotard tank with a hot color belt. This way, tucking in your shirt will show those boys you have curves and a sexy body!


Again, try looking at www.nastygal.com. Everything on their website gives a sexy, confident and appropriate look to your outfit.

Working out:

Come on girls. Spring break is only a few days away! This means, you know your behind is in the gym! No one likes it though when a girl comes into the gym with her hair down, and the cutest sports workout outfit you’ve seen. No. When you are at the gym, you should be focused on sweating and working out, not being looked at by the juicehead men grunting and screaming.

A recent survey shows that most men at the gym don’t find girls who “look like they are trying too hard” attractive at the gym! (WARNING). Most men notice the girls who are actually working out with technique.  Try shopping at Nike or Reebok for your workout clothes. Not only are they cute, they are comfortable and don’t look like your spending hours to get ready to sweat.



So, next time you’re going out, just remember a few easy tips and you’ll be good to go!

-The Successful Single


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