Bahama Mama’s- Hoboken, NJ!

5 Mar

It’s Friday night and you and your girlfriends are debating what to do. Well, I have an amazing suggestion for you girls!

Bahama Mama’s located at 215 Washington Street, in Hoboken New Jersey! Not only is it located on one of the most “happening” streets; they have a lot of other positives.

1)     The location – The location is great. If you take the train in, it is only a few blocks away, and we all know walking in our cute heels can be a bit difficult, so the fact Bahama Mama’s is close is great! Also, it is very close to Black Bear Bar & Grill, The Whiskey Bar, and The Brass Rail.

2)     Drink Specials! Okay, face it- no matter how much money you are receiving after a hard week of work, who doesn’t love a delicious specialty drink, and even better, who doesn’t love a delicious drink that isn’t going to empty your wallet? Bahama mama’s has HAPPY HOUR Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays! The best part about it is you can get

Thursdays: $1 beers all night on Thursdays, $2 drafts, $4 frozen drinks for you Pina colada lovers, and $4 Specialty Drinks

Fridays: $3 Bud Light Bottles, and $5 Vodka Drinks.

Saturdays: $5 Don Q Rum Drinks!

There is no other bar that does such great drink specials like Bahama Mama’s – and the perks don’t stop here!

3)     Love to dance? Bahama Mama’s always has the best music that you will want to get up and dance all night. Whether it’s music playing or the hottest DJ’s spinning the best music that is hot right now, you will be guaranteed a great time!

4)     The space! Bahama Mama’s is a great place that if you don’t like smushed up against a wall the entire night, this place is for you! There is always room for everyone no matter how many people are in the bar!

5)     The atmosphere- The walls are red, ceiling is bright blue, and there is a “beach theme” all round! So, no matter if its snowing out, you will have that beach relaxation feeling all night, especially if you order a refreshing Pina Colada!

So, the next time you make your way to Hoboken, make sure to check our Bahama Mama’s and check out all the great things that are mentioned above! Cheers!



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