1 Mar

I’ve realized i found out something that i never really thought about before, before I actually did some research.

The media seems to portray “single girls” as being miserable, chocolate loving, tear dropping, cat ladies…..However, we aren’t. (At least i’m not….yet)Image


ANYWAYS, the point of this post isn’t to “promote” having cats. It just makes me made that the media tries to make it seem like girls who are single have to be miserable. I’ve been single my entire life,and truthfully, i’ve never been sad.

Research done by Jared Fife, (2012) “Being Single Ain’t All it’s Cracked up to be” is all about his study of how the single life isn’t as bad as the media portrays it to be. He interviews many singles and coupled individuals, and the results were that most of the coupled individuals were more unhappy with their life than the singles were!

HA! In your faces you couples!!!!!!!!! (KIDDING completely… okay half) However, more results that were shocking to me was that single men had greater “attachment” anxiety than coupled men did. 

Also, singles reported to have more “sex” then couples did and the most shockling information of all was that couples reported having lower levels of sexual satisfacation! Crazy! 


Also, when couples were asked to “describe” singles” they used words such as “lonely” “rejected” and “alone”


First off, I’d like to share, I am not rejected, alone, OR lonely, so i don’t know who these couples are thinking of. (Well, maybe we can point our fingers at the media this time!)

So, from one rejected lonely single to the next, See ya soon 🙂


-The Successful Single 


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