Our Journey

25 Feb


Hello girls, women of all ages, and even you boys behind your Macbooks! I am The Successful Secure Single Girl ready to take you on a journey of what most girls dread. The single life. Oh come on, it’s not that bad.. Trust me!  Being a 22-year-old girl who’s been out and about– mingling with boys, I have made it my personal decision to stay single, and trust me I don’t mind!

Of course many of you are going to think I’m doing the whole “reverse physiology” trick on myself, but to tell you the truth- I’m not. I don’t find anything wrong with being single, and not once in my 22 years of living have I ever put myself down for being single……..not even on Valentine’s Day!

This website here is to give you girls (and boys) lessons, stories, and personal opinions on the Single Life. I’m sick of hearing so many girls complain to one another about how their life “sucks because they don’t have a boyfriend”. To be honest, I think your life would suck more if you did have a boyfriend. Thinking about all those texts “where are you?” “Who are you with?” “Hello?” are a few examples of texts I just get anxiety about thinking about answering.


So here is my fair warning – if you are one of those girls who hate the single life— LEAVE NOW, but I promise you if you stay you will not say you regretted this wise decision.

(Yes it is in small print………..I want you all to stay!)


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