Cuddling Season!!!! PUKE

25 Feb

It’s winter. We all know what that means…. Relationship season! You know it’s true. All of your friends are getting into relationships, making sure to document it all for our viewing pleasure on Facebook. Statuses, pictures, check-ins and all the cheesy love quotes your brain can handle – we get the whole 9 yards whether we like it or not. I may be PROUDLY single but don’t get me wrong, having a relationship during the cold winter months does have its perks.

During this season, we single girls try to compensate with other more tangible things… like SHOES. I mean seriously, who can have too many shoes? (Right….????) However, you can’t cuddle with your shoes like you can a boyfriend. (May I tried.. KIDDING). Seriously, don’t try it. You’ll wind up in the hospital and then not only will you not have a boyfriend but also you won’t even have your shoes! We also may drink. A lot. There is nothing like heading out to Hoboken with your friends on a Saturday night. But wait, who’s going to hold your hair back when you get sick and your BFF is too preoccupied to notice because she’s busy flirting with the bartender?

There goes another friend, taken by the season.  You may think your life is over, but don’t fret, my friends. We have been through this pattern before. It’s February now, so wait about, hmmm, 4 months. It’ll be summer. We all know what that means…. Breakup season! Bring on the Adele lyrics! After the sadness wears off and you get all your friends


2 Responses to “Cuddling Season!!!! PUKE”

  1. Deanna Fusillo (@StilettoNSweats) February 25, 2013 at 5:39 pm #

    I absolutely LOVE this post! Funny and witty and yes, some truth to it too! From one successful single to another… Cheers!

  2. My Pixie Blog (@MyPixieBlog) February 26, 2013 at 3:56 pm #

    HAHAHAH! SO TRUE! It makes me cringe to see couples writing to each other via FB, instead of just like, texting/emailing them in private so the world doesn’t have to see. I don’t get it. SOME PEOPLE!

    LOL at bring on the Adele music. She really does write some great breakup songs, doesn’t she??

    Are you in Hoboken? We’re neighbors!

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