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Little Things Matter – Internships

27 Apr

This week I’m going to talk about being professional, but in the ways you wouldn’t normally think of. Internships are a great way to kick-start your future landing of a job, and with these few tips, you can seriously obtain your dream job! Although these tips aren’t “huge factors” trust me- they make a difference!

Being on time: We all hate that alarm clock that wakes us up from our perfect dream of us marrying your celebrity crush and driving away in a Lamborghini (okay at least those are my dreams) but being on time is so important. You never know who will be in the office when you get there, and if you stroll in late it not only makes YOU look irresponsible, but it makes the company you’re interning for look bad as well. A little key, if you know you are always a few minutes late (which still is unacceptable!) try setting your alarm clock a few minutes earlier so you can have those extra needed minutes! 

Eye contact: No matter if you’re talking to your boss, another co-worker, or a guest of the office, eye contact is very important! Why you may ask? Eye contact shows the other person you have their full attention and that you are listening to what they are saying. It’s rude to be texting or looking out the window when someone is trying to speak to you! Remember that!


Shaking hands: Shaking someone’s hand when meeting them is so important, especially in this industry! Shaking someone’s hand shows him or her that you respect him or her. More importantly is that you are giving a firm grip! No one wants to shake a non-confident “wimpy” handshake! Be confident as you shake their hand!


Leaving the office as you left it: Hey, we all eat, drink coffee, and use scrap papers throughout the entire day, however it is not okay to leave your scraps on the desk! If you are going to eat, or drink something make sure you throw it away before leaving the office. Make sure it looks the same way as it did when you entered that morning!


Girls Night In: Sleepover

23 Apr

So girls-


How many times have you just came home from school or work and just wanted to crawl into bed with a bottle of Pinot Grigio, and rent a movie and call it a night?

WHOA- Everyone, put your hands down!

Do you remember back when you were a little girl, and your mother would call “Susie’s” mother and plan a sleepover for you two? I remember those days like it were yesterday. Those “girl” sleepovers were the best.

Pillow fights, junk food, trash talking boys, and of course, staying up late! For the first time ever, the Successful Single is here to challenge you to the following:

Get a group of your friends, a bottle of wine (or 3) and have an old school sleepover. Forget all your stress, problems, and upcoming assignments due Monday. This sleepover is dedicated totally to you!

In this sleepover, you will talk about everything positive. Go around the room, and every time you say something positive about yourself, you can take a sip of your wine! (Trust me, it’ll be an incentive to drink!).


According to Seventeen Magazine, the perfect Sleepover Snack is popcorn, however, they changed it up a bit!


You will need: 3 teaspoons of margarine, ¾ cups of brown sugar (lightly packed) ½ cup of peanuts, dark corn syrup, 1 teaspoon of vanilla, ½ teaspoon of baking soda, 1 dash of salt, and 5 cups of popcorn.


When you’re done gathering, microwave the margarine and then mix in all a bowl with all of the ingredients above. After you place it over the 5 cups of popcorn, microwave it all and then let it cool! Break it into pieces, and then enjoy!


Remember that fun game Jenga? (DUH!) On an old game of Jenga, on each piece of block, write a dare and a truth. Whichever block you girls pick, you must either perform the dare or answer the truth! Fun!


Let me know how the sleepover goes – And remember, no boyfriend talk!



Double Standards

2 Apr

Double standards, we all are guilty of them, whether we like to admit it or not. In the dating world, there are a lot of double standards, men and women face.

Breaking up:

When dealing with a “break up” the men always seem like the jerks and the women are the victims. Whether the girl is the jerk in the situation or not, she always seems to get the victim card- and we play it well thank you very much!

Girls are allowed to cry and use boxes of tissues after a breakup, but if a tear came strolling down a guys face, they would never hear the end of it!Image

Paying for Dates:

            No matter if you are dating for days, months, or years, the man is always expected to pay for the dinner. I find this so insulting because not only do I like paying for my own things, I actually can pay for my own things! Who says that a guy should pay for a woman every single time they are out? I think it should be even, and if you are with someone for a long time, you both should switch every other meal. (Or just stay home and cook together; it’ll be bonding time plus save you the extra cash!)Image


            Lets face it, if one of you cheats – there are different consequences for both genders. If a girl cheats, she is now known as a whore, a slut, a common girl who will be now be known as “the whore who cheated on ______”

            On the flip side, if a guy cheats, his reputation does not go down the drain, no in fact he may even be looked at as a hero to the male race. His friends will high five them as he explains his one nightstand with the random girl from the bar.

            This specific double standard is one of the ones that make me so mad. There is only one way to fix this though, if you are in a relationship…… DON’T CHEAT! It’s not science people!Image


            When it comes to flirting, if you are a guy who is flirting outside, you come off as a player. Whether you are being nice or you actually are flirting, it comes off as you being a jerk and player.

            If you a girl however, if you are out and about flirting, it doesn’t come off that way. Instead, it comes off as you being a nice girl!

            If a girl approaches a guy at a bar, she comes off as being “aggressive” or flirtatious, when if a guy approaches a woman, he comes off as being cool and slick.ImageImage

Whipped VS. Clingy:

            In any relationship, if a girl does what a guy wants and answers to him, she is viewed as clingy. One attribute you don’t want! If she calls and texts you and asks you where you are, you are viewed as clingy Most girls are actually viewed as this, whether they are or not. Men hate clingy girls, and one thing I take pride in is not being clingy.

            Men on the other hand have it a little worse. The equal attribute of “clingy” for men would be whipped! Girls love to have their boys whipped, whether it be them calling and texting them as soon as they “get to the bar with the boys” or them showing up to your house with roses, boys being known as whipped is a terrible thing. Girls love having their men whipped, and truthfully I do not know why! I think a guy should be the dominant one in the relationship.ImageImage

            The conclusion is, dating is not easy! Something that should be based around love is based on rules and you look to your friends.


Until next time,

-The Successful Single